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PP's I'm Candy Sue  had four beautiful puppies from Harry A gorgeous sable parti, 6 to 7 pounds - $600  including shipping
     This beautiful boy is growing up and really needs his own home with his own special people.                               


Each row has mom in front, on the left then 4 pictures of each puppy.
AJ's Ain't I Amazin' Grace   Gracie had a litter of gorgeous, wonderful dolls June 9.  As always, they are the best; personality and looks.
                                         This boy, still available should be about 6 to 7 pounds and is $350.
Arcadian's glimmer of choco-Merle had 4 unbelievable gorgeous little ones on June 6.  This boy, a chocolate tricolor is still available.  He wil be on
      the larger size of the pom  world - 8 to 9 pounds.  Absolutely gorgeous and soo soo sweet.  $400.00
LaVerne's Brown Sugar II had r beautiful babies on June 7.  This black and tan boy is still available and he will  be large.   8 - 9 pounds.  $300.00
PP's I'm Candy Sue had 3 beautiful "kids" July 11.  The two boys of the family are above.  The boy on top should be about 6 to 7 pounds and the
              little fellow on the lower row should be smaller.  Both will be $300.  These are wonderful boys!
 AJ's Ain't I a Golden Girl had two gorgeous boys.  A blue parti-color above and a solid chocolate below.    They are from "Luke" our royalty bred black
        boy with numerous champions in his pedigree.  These little guys will be $600 each.  
  Arcadian's Dainty Lil' Devin had three strapping boys July 12, 2008.  They should be 6 to 7 pounds of gorgeous thick coated guys.
                     A wolf sable, a black with white toes, and a beautiful black, tan & white tri color;  will be asking $350 each for the.
                                                                                   Dad is Aj's Ain't I the Spittin' Image.