Ain't we Poms
Jim and Anita Buckman
103 S. Avant Ave.
Skiatook, OK  74070
918 263 2448
Ain't We Poms describes the beautiful wave of pomeranians dancing around our feet with every step
we take.  Each bears the name AJ's (for Anita and Jim) Ain't I _ _ _ _ _, Jubilee, Foxy, Kid, or ???
We love them each and every one.  We long ago set a goal to find every pomeranian puppy the home it
deserves, where he or she can love and be loved as he/she deserves.  We have never sold a pom  to a
pet store or a broker.

We have devoted our lives to the delightful pomeranian breed with the intelligence and charm of a
young child, and the love of a saint.  We are here for our poms and for our customers, any time they
might need us.  We love to stay in touch with our puppies and their new moms and dads, via pictures, e
mails and all the wonderful reports we receive.

We have tried to breed quality pomeranians, stressing health and dispositions to assure a pet that will
be unequaled.  We feel we have largely succeeded. We are proud of our poms, the job we have done
with them, and the joy they have given to so many people across the country.  

We wish to thank the many pomeranian breeders who have mentored us over the years and helped
educate us  about our adored poms.  Dog people are wonderful.  We are forever grateful and give our
thanks to the breeders, vets and customers who have contributed to making our lives happy and our
breeding successful.  We are truly blessed with our wonderful pomeranians and our many pom friends.
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